About us

ARCHICRAFT  L.T.D. started operating in Satu Mare, Romania, in 2003. Founded on private equity investments, the enterprise’s main activities are: architectural design, interior design and landscaping.
Expanding its activities into the sales of domestic furniture, interior and exterior finishing, ceramics and sanitary equipment for households and offices, lighting, design furniture, decorative radiators, outdoor furniture etc., the company's aim was to target the luxury market.
The enterprise started honoring orders in the N-W of Romania, but quickly extended its geographical market to other cities, such as Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureş, Oradea, Suceava, Baia Mare and Bucureşti.
Archicraft’s vision is to be nationally recognized not only for the excellence and quality of the products in the offer, but for architectural innovation as well.
The company is seeking to educate the market by promoting contemporary architecture and ambient design and to achieve profit growth while bringing benefits to the society. 
The objectives of the firm relate to market expansion and profit maximization that can be achieved not only by developing architectural projects supported by special software, but also by promoting and maintaining the relationships with well known Italian partners, such as:  Impronta ITALGRANITI, Mirage, Sant`Agostino, Mutina, DelConca, Sicis, Gazzotti, AliParquets, BluBleu, Zucchetti Kos, Geda, HIDRA Ceramica, Arblu, Galassia, HATRIA.MARAZZI Gorup, Babini, AsterCucine, Sistemitalia, Arper, Varaschin, Pircher etc.
One of the company’s core values is social responsibility which implies the promotion of products that reach high standards of quality. The products offered by our partners are legally certified and approved by eco-organizations that seek environmental sustainability.
In 2006 the firm inaugurated its headquarters in Satu Mare. This distinguishing building includes a showroom where clients can see samples of the latest products on the market, administrative office spaces and the design studio. By opening the headquarters, the company has managed to create brand awareness.

Remaining faithful to idea of architectural development, all other departments were created and configured to sustain and develop the company’s activity. 


Due to the increased demand of services, in 2009 Archicraft opened a branch in Bucureşti that operates in the area of architectural design.


Also, in 2009 the enterprise had made a big investment in design equipment (hardware and CAD software) in order to efficiently meet the requests that were coming from the market in the area of residential, commercial, industrial and office projects.

March, 16, 2009, Archicraft registers its trademark at OSIM, with the Certificate No. 95688, Products/Services of the trademark Cl:42 –Architecture activities; Specialized design.
In July 2011, Archicraft L.T.D. has also registered under ISO for the Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 requests and for the Information Security Management System in compliance with the ISO 27001:2005 requests. This field of activity is certified as: “Architecture design and interior design activities, sales of luxury products for the decoration of houses, offices and commercial spaces.”
Facing new challenges, the company is encouraged to broaden the range of projects to exterior design, landscape architecture, graphic and product design, visual identity projects and graphic advertisement.
In the future, the company seeks to strengthen its position as a leader in the field of design and luxury products sales in the N-W area of the country, maintaining customer loyalty and to position itself in the top 30 Romanian architecture practices by 2015. 


  • Cornel MIHAI General Manager
  • Iuliana MIHAI Executive Manager
  • Ruben MIHAI Architect
  • Bogdan COSMA Designer
  • Gabriela STOICA Designer
  • Natalia CIUL Economic Manager
  • Cristian MIHAI Marketing&Sales Manager
  • Diana FOGAȘ Marketing&Sales Assistant
  • Iulia COSMA Sales assistant
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